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A2 posters serve as a versatile and impactful visual communication tool, allowing individuals, businesses, educators, researchers, and artists to effectively convey their messages, showcase their work, and engage their target audience. The poster’s size and visibility make it a popular choice for a wide range of applications.

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If a design is required there will be an additional charge applied. If you have a design we require a PDF version at 300 dpi with all text and images embedded.

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An A2 poster is a standardized poster size commonly used for various purposes, including advertising, presentations, displays, and decorative art. The A2 size belongs to the ISO 216 paper size system and measures approximately 420 x 594 millimeters or 16.5 x 23.4 inches. Here’s a description of an A2 poster and its common features:

1. Size and Format:

  • An A2 poster is relatively large, making it suitable for displaying detailed information, graphics, images, and other visual elements.
  • It can be used in both landscape and portrait orientations, depending on the design and content.

2. Purpose:

  • A2 posters serve various purposes, including advertising products or services, presenting research findings, promoting events, providing informational content, and creating decorative wall art.
  • Their size and visibility make them effective for conveying messages and grabbing the viewer’s attention.

3. Design and Layout:

  • A2 posters offer ample space for creative design, allowing for the incorporation of text, images, charts, graphs, illustrations, and branding elements.
  • The layout is organized to ensure content is visually appealing and well-structured.

4. Content:

  • The content of an A2 poster depends on its intended use. Common elements may include:
    • Title and headings: To introduce the main topic or message.
    • Visuals: High-quality images, diagrams, and illustrations to support and clarify the content.
    • Text: Descriptions, explanations, bullet points, and captions.
    • Contact information: Details for inquiries or additional information.
    • Logos and branding: Company or organization logos for branding purposes.

5. Printing Options:

  • A2 posters can be printed using various methods, including digital printing, offset printing, or large-format printing.
  • Color choices range from black and white to full-color printing, allowing for vibrant and high-quality visuals.

6. Paper Quality:

  • A2 posters are typically printed on high-quality paper or cardstock to achieve a professional and durable look.
  • The choice of paper finish (e.g., matte, gloss, satin) depends on the desired appearance and functionality.

7. Framing and Mounting:

  • A2 posters can be framed for display in offices, galleries, homes, or public spaces.
  • They can also be mounted on foam boards or rigid substrates for stability and ease of presentation.

8. Distribution and Display:

  • A2 posters are commonly displayed in various settings, including trade shows, conferences, exhibitions, classrooms, retail stores, offices, and art galleries.
  • They can be affixed to walls, easels, poster stands, bulletin boards, or other suitable surfaces.

9. Customization:

  • A2 posters can be customized to match a company’s branding, event theme, or specific design requirements.
  • Customization options include graphics, fonts, colors, and layout.
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