This year (2023) myself (Stefan) and my business partner (George) Decided to take the plunge to build ourselves a business Inkclusive Ltd. We have both worked in the sign and print industry for several years and it has become our passion.

Since starting our company in August 2023, We have come a long way in creating relationships with some amazing people, moving into our new office in January, and investing in equipment.

Where are we going from here you may be asking. We will be continuing to build our services and skills in our industry. We will also invest in state-of-the-art equipment, making our final products the highest standard possible.

Within 5 years our goal is to create a team of people that are focused on our weaknesses to create the best experience we can. We also want to move out of our small office into a location that gives us the space to expand our equipment and team intern expanding our services.

The hardest part about business is starting, too many people are in their comfort zone working for someone else.